Ten surprises your lady will adore

Here are ten romantic surprises to give the lady in your life. She is sure to treasure these meaningful gifts.


Whether your budget is small or even practically non-existent, you can give the special lady in your life romantic and meaningful gifts that she will always treasure and remember. Some will cost very little, and some are completely free. Here are ten gifts that most women will always enjoy receiving.

The first thing that is important to remember is that it doesn't need to be Valentine's Day or her birthday to give a gift and let her know that you care. Any day of the year can be turned into a day to give a loving gift.

  1. One gift that will not have a price tag attached, but will be highly appreciated is the gift of time. Give her an entire day of your time and ask what she would like to do with that time. It may be hiking or going to the beach, but you may find out that the way she would best enjoy spending that gift of time is to just spend the day together at home getting to know you better.

  2. When planning that surprise for her, do not overlook the old "romantic standbys" of candy and flowers, but instead of waiting for an anniversary or birthday, just do it because you think she's special (and tell her that!) If the budget will not allow roses, any florist will have other kinds of arrangements that will cost much less, so you may want to look into other options instead of the more traditional "dozen roses."
  3. Is she fun-loving? If your lady enjoys games and laughs, try setting up a treasure hunt for her. Give her the first clue that you have written on a slip of paper, and have her follow the clues you creatively give to get to the next clue, until she eventually finds her gift. Don't have the clues going on for too very long, however, because even the most fun kinds of games can get tiring if they drag on for too long.
  4. If children are involved in your relationship, one of the nicest gifts to give her is some private time while you take over watching the kids. This one may not sound like a romantic gift at first, but you can make sure to plan it so that it turns out that way. For instance, what if her private time involves an hour of soaking in a bubble bath that you have drawn for her at just the right temperature? Add a few scented candles to the room. Add a boom box (battery operated, please, because of the hazard risk of electricity and water) playing her favorite, or perhaps a brand new CD, or a new book of poetry if she enjoys reading. You might even choose to go as far as sprinkling some rose petals into the water. It goes without saying to make sure the children use the bathroom (if there is only one) before her bubble soak starts so that she will not be disturbed.
  5. Many men, unfortunately, will refuse to do something that a lot of women think is very romantic, and that is writing a love poem for her. It doesn't need to be William Shakespeare and it doesn't even need to rhyme for it to be something that she will always treasure. Just write down thoughts from your heart concerning how you feel about her and try to fit them into poetry form and you have a priceless gift for her. Use nice stationary and present the poem or written thoughts to her with a little teddy bear holding the paper.
  6. Another idea for a day of pampering is to plan for her to spend some time at a spa or beauty salon where she may not generally feel comfortable about spending the money to visit. Make sure she gets as much of "the works" as you can afford, including things like a manicure if she would enjoy it.
  7. Choose a Saturday or Sunday and spoil your lady for the day. Arrange so that she will not need to worry about chores like cooking or cleaning. If the budget allows, call out for food or have a maid service come in for just this one time. If food delivery or a maid service for the day is too extravagant for the wallet, consider cooking a meal for her yourself or even dusting and running the vacuum. If this surprise is one you choose, don't forget to add the dish washing to the gift!
  8. Tell her how you feel about her. That means true feelings. If she has made a huge difference in your life in some particular way, tell her that. If she is the first thought on your mind in the morning and the last thought before you drift off to sleep at night, she would absolutely love to hear that. It is important to say those three little words of "I love you" often, but sometimes it's nice to explain some of the reasons why you love her.
  9. Rent a few movies that you know she would like and don't forget the popcorn and soda for your "theater evening." The thing that would make this a true gift for her is to let her choose the movies. Take the time to watch them with her, even if you would normally consider them "chick flicks." Let her get emotional and share that with you.
  10. Last but certainly not least, and if the budget allows, arrange a weekend getaway for the two of you. Make all the plans, secure the reservations, and be sure to keep the destination a secret. Whether it's a short plane flight to your location, or a short or longer drive, she will find out the mystery destination when you arrive. Be practical, however, in letting her know if she will need any particular items of clothing for possible weather changes so that she will be able to pack properly. Even a trip to the mountains in the summertime might be a reason to tell her to throw a sweater in her suitcase. Know ahead of time which restaurants are in the area and choose your dining spots. She will have nothing to do except to enjoy the mystery weekend.

    Remember that often the best gifts that mean the most are those that do not involve superficial things, or the spending of any money at all. Try to think of some meaningful "time" gifts to give her and your surprise will most likely be a huge hit.