How to be a good girlfriend

A good girlfriend is not overbearing, sheís not jealous, and she knows that itís the little things that make the biggest differences.


Being a good girlfriend is a fine art. Anyone can get a boyfriend; keeping one is the hard part. It helps to know what men want and how to give it to them without compromising your integrity. A good girlfriend is not overbearing, sheís not jealous, and she knows that itís the little things that make the biggest differences.:


When youíre with a man and you are falling in love, you just want to be with him every second that you can. When youíre not with him, youíre wondering what heís doing and youíre daydreaming about your time together. A new relationship is like a drug Ė you feel like you just canít get enough of it, like you need your fix. Unfortunately, your enthusiasm for your boyfriend could lead to the downfall of your blissful relationship. You donít want to seem too clingy or too dependent on him, especially not right away. Youíre your own person, and even though youíre in a relationship now, you still have your own life Ė and your boyfriend still has his own life to lead as well. You canít expect your boyfriend to ditch his friends and family members and to forget about his work obligations just because the two of you are now together. By the way, you have to remember not to ditch your own friends and family just because you are overexcited about your new relationship. If you allow yourself to focus only on your boyfriend and on nothing else, youíll become a very boring person to be in a relationship with. What on earth will the two of you have to talk about if you spend every waking second together? Itís great that youíre happy with your new guy, but you have to give him room to breathe. If going out with the guys is important to him, donít try to take that away. Donít try to move all of your stuff into his apartment just because the two of you have spent a couple of nights together. Let things happen naturally, slowly Ė if itís meant to be, it will be. Men adjust much better to gradual changes than a sudden change. Too much too soon is not the way to be a good girlfriend. For one, guys like to be in control. If your boyfriend feels like youíre trying to run his life, then he is likely to distance itself from you. Also, many men are afraid of commitment, so they donít want to feel trapped in a serious relationship before theyíre ready. Slow and steady wins the relationship race.


You are the master of your own destiny. If you convince yourself that your boyfriend is definitely going to cheat on you, then your relationship is doomed from the start. Iím not saying that because you think that your boyfriend is going to cheat that he will, but if youíre constantly exhibiting signs of jealousy, then your boyfriend is going to get fed up and want out. Can you blame him? How would you feel if he was constantly questioning and accusing you of sleeping with other men? You would probably feel offended, and that is certainly how he feels. If he hasnít given you any reason not to trust him, then you have no right not to. You have to have faith in your boyfriend if you want him to have faith in your relationship. Maybe the problem is that youíve been cheated on in the past, so you are very guarded now. Unfortunately, it is very unfair for you to judge your new boyfriend for mistakes that your old boyfriend or boyfriends may have made. Undoubtedly, your boyfriend does not appreciate being compared to your ex. Wouldnít it drive you crazy if he was constantly comparing you to his former girlfriends? You have to let go of your insecurities in order for this relationship to thrive. A good girlfriend is confident in her boyfriend.


The sweet little acts of kindness and love are what make a relationship successful, and a good girlfriend knows that. Donít take your boyfriend for granted. When he does something nice for you, always thank him. If youíre going to be cooking dinner for the two of you, include some of his favorite dishes. When you know heís had a stressful day at work, offer to give him a back rub. Every once in awhile, buy your boyfriend a little gift to show him how much you care and how much you appreciate him. Sometimes giving an inch can make your relationship go a mile!


Apart from all above tips, boys love to be appreciated as well as girls, however it wont take you that long to buy a shirt or perfume for your boyfriend but it really matters and the gift really counts. Boys always need special attention when they are with their girlfriends.