Wherever You Turn There Is The Face Of Allah.

~*~ Do I really miss You ~*~

It's been almost one year we do not meet. It's been one year waiting the moment to meet you. A year when I still remember I prayed to meet you again. A year when I still remember how sad when I left you…. 

We will meet again after few weeks…. Honestly since I left you, you always in my mind waiting and missing you for every beat of my heart….


I know you are very special, I realize you deserve the best. I should prepare myself best before meet you. I should look beautiful to welcome you… I should prepare my soul, my health, my mind and my mentality to welcome you…I should , take care my eyes, take care my actions, take care my behavior, my attitude, my words… I have to look perfect to welcome you…. 

Ramadhan oh Ramadhan…. 

Please don't ask if I do really miss you… I would loudly tell you yes I do miss you greatly… but shame me if you ask me how I prepare to welcome you…

You know…..

I am too busy with this world… sometimes I just do not realize if your coming getting closer…

I know I should prepare my mentality by fast often before your coming… but I forgot to do them…….. often…

I know I  should do a lot charities, just like you have taught me last year….but this heart not moving when see beggar around…

Oh I am shame… one year back you left me and you sure I would change become a different person, a compassion one to the poor people, you wish I never leave read the holy Quran [like what you have trained me]… You wish I never belittle the nawafil… and you wish I would doing tahajud….

Oh my dear forgive me….forgive me… but I do really miss you… I am not beautiful enough but I believe with the glory that Allah gives you,  you will train me again become a perfect person … I promise when you leave me this year… I will never forget our precious moments… I promise I will change become a better person… and I will always pray for chance to meet you again next year…. I will try to be better person to welcome you and you will proud of me…

I just want to know I do really miss you always….  I do not have words to describe how grateful I am… if Allah gives us chance to meet again…..

Wallahu'alam bishshowab…..

In this holy moon, May Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala answers for every wishes and forgive our sins…..

Ramadhan is coming….
I have made one's heart in trouble
I have made one's soul tired
I have made one upset

Before step to this month…
Please forgive me…

In this holy month
May all of us have chance to pass this month like a new one
A pure one, gain back to our pure fitrah [like just born]
With the achievement of lailatul qadar…

The heart fills with the spirit of deen for the rest of life….