Wooden Computer

Computers and other equipments like keyboard and mousebeing made of plastic shells and the metals are quite old fashion, something different always attracts the human being so that is why we are here showing you some snaps of wooden computer, even tough that are not easily reachable but we suspect that in near future these computers would be of high demand due to it's unique design and other factors.

wooden computer complete set

wooden computer set

Complete set of wooden computer (front view) Complete set of wooden computer (side view)

wooden computer - keyboard with monitor

wooden computer - monitor

Wooden computer monitor back view Wooden computer monitor front view

wooden computer - keyboard front view

wooden computer - keyboard

Wooden computer - keyboard (front view) Wooden computer - keyboard (side view)

wooden computer - mouse front view

wooden computer - mouse

Wooden computer - mouse (front view) Wooden computer - mouse (TOP view)

wooden computer - monitor side view

wooden computer - cpu & casing

Wooden computer - monitor (side view) Wooden computer - cpu (side view)

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